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As often as possible a student from 5E will write a post in our class blog to let you know what we’ve been doing in class. This is a great place to get a student perspective on what’s happening during the week at school.

March 8th – March 12th 2010

By: Eagle 7

We started this week with a great half day, followed by our grade 5 and 6 sports day. Almost all of sports day it was rain and bitterlycold. Our class came in 3rd for the boy’s relay, and 4th in the girl’s relay.  On Wednesday we saw each other’s PSA’s that we created and we wrote comments to help other people. On Friday we had to dress up as our favourite storybook character. We had Pollyanna from Pollyanna Grows Up, we also had Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes. In French class 2 groups performed the Three Little Pigs.  We put our final PSAs on YouTube so you can now watch them.  We also made quotes about education and made a picture to match them. It has been a great week!

- Eagle 7

January 4th – January 8th 2010

By Eagle 25

Howdy parents! This week we’ve done a lot of interesting things.
We had this Author that came to visit our school she is Deobrah Ellis I think that you might know her, so she writes many interesting books such as the Breadwinner, Parvana’s journey and Mud City and other great books. So we had Chinese like we always do so all the Gr.5s had to draw patterns on this small mask and the drawing had to be symmetrical. This is an exciting thing for Gr.5s but it is next week.We had to bring a case for our macbooks so the exciting part is that we get to bring them home next Friday which is also a half day and on that day the whole day we are at school we are going to party. WOO-HOO! Last week we just started our first drafts of our recounts which were exciting, so we had quiet a bit of mistakes of course. So that’s all for this week.

January 4th – January 8th 2010

Dear Blog, Belated Christmas and Happy New year to you. Today is Monday January the 4th. It was the first day back from the holidays and the class was not very settled yet but we still got through our routines and daily activities. Ms.Cahusac explained to us about the class duty roster and what were our jobs and responsibilities. We also played Vacation Bingo and Eagle 10 and Eagle 4 won. In Chinese all the classes got together to learn our Chinese New Year song.  Oh! And few things that you should remember for me, there will be no swimming for the rest of the year, we have to hand in our Reading Logs on Monday and our class is playing handball intramurals next week on Tuesday the 12th and Wednesday the 13th.

Write to you tomorrow. - Eagle 23

Dear Blog, Hi again! Today is Tuesday January the 5th and our class is starting to get used to going back to school. We did some creative writing yesterday and finished them off today on our computers. We also looked at some videos about our new unit of inquiry. We also did a new post on “The 10 ________________ in 2009″. Nothing to remember today Blog!

See you tomorrow. - Eagle 23

Dear Blog, Today is Wednesday January 6th and today we watched more videos about our unit of inquiry, at the same time we jotted down notes and each made a wordle about the notes. Ms.Cahusac also made a huge class wordle with all of our notes. We also made a new post on our blog about Photos of New Year celebrations. Then we read the book Inqbal and how he changed many people’s lives. Blog, just a few thing s that you could remember for me please, their will be a T-wolves sale on the 6th floor bridge on Monday to Wednesday. A T-Wolves Towel is $30 each and the Water Bottle is $20 each.

Thanks for remembering. - Eagle 23

Dear Blog, Today we played JOTTO the winning word was DESK, the blue team is now winning with ————- points. We also started fractions today we did not get to the real math problems; we just did some poems about it. We also read a bit more about Iqbal and did some more work on our unit of inquiry. Blog one small thing for you to remember, Scholastic is due on Monday the 11th.

Thanks! - Eagle 23

Dear Blog, Today I am quite sad because it is the last day of my blog entries. Today we had an Award Assembly some people in our class got awards. We also did some work on Iqbal. After that we had class community circle, the winner of the week was blue and their prize was stickers. Please remember the reminders for me.

Bye. - Eagle 23

Friday, September 4th – Week 2

By: Eagle 8 & Eagle 4

Monday to Friday
This week we used our computers a lot. As EAGLE EYE said, every week we have 1 or 2 people to write a class blog. On Monday we had music with Mr. Shaw where we used these stick things to make beats. Then we had a nice time with the computers to do our bio-poems and digital portraits.

Tuesday……hmmmmmm……..It was pretty normal and plain, we did the 12 minute run at Physical Education and our fourth class of French!!!!!

On Wednesday it was really busy between recess and lunch. First, the 3rd period was our 2nd library class and our 1st that we could borrow books. Then right after Library we had Francais. However the drama didn’t end there because then we had to go to Chinese. After that we were on the computers looking at Math sites.

On Thursday we started getting excited because it was almost the weekend. The first main thing we had was Music where like on Monday we mainly used these kind of sticks to make beats.Then we had Chinese and after that we went and had lunch. Then the last period we had P.E were it was really hard on are stomach muscles because it was a sit up test!

Finally it was Friday. Really the first thing was French. Then after lunch all the teachers presented themselves to all the classes. And that really raps it up for this week. Have a good weekend.
From Eagle 4 & Eagle 8

Friday, August 28th – Week 1 – Ms. Cahusac

Ahhh, the first week of school. The excitement was positively buzzing through the hallways and classrooms of CDNIS Lower School this week. For Gr. 5 students the excitement spiraled around newness; new uniforms, new lockers, new classrooms, new location in the school, new teachers, new expectations, new macbooks, and oh so many new rules.

This week 5E had 2 class community circles where we played some games and got to know each other a little bit better. We also established the colour teams who will compete for behaviour points throughout the upcoming weeks in hopes of getting to pick a special prize from the lizard basket.

Early in the week 5E spent a large amount of time deciding on a class name. This is an important process because so much of what we will do in the upcoming year will revolve around the year theme. After lists of suggestions and 3 separate votes we became the 5E Eagles. Each student now has an Eagle name (class number) which will be useful in many ways; it will help us stay anonymous while we are exploring things online, we will develop our won secret language for classroom rules and procedures, which builds and strengthens the community of the class because we now all inhabit the “Eagle Nest” together.

This week the Eagles had their first Music classes with Mr. Shaw, French classes with Madame Lum and PE classes with Mr. Steiner. They also went to different Chinese Studies classrooms 6 times. Later in the week we had a welcome assembly where we did our Eagle cheer. On Thursday there was a big presentation about MacBooks and then we were given our new machines which created MacBook Mania on Friday (better known as FUNDAY).
Well that’s it from me. It’s time for some rest and relaxation now that the weekend has come. Thanks for reading and please check back next Friday when we will be showcasing our first student written class blog!
Have fun and be nice,

- Eagle Eye

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